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Havells Popup Toaster 2 Slice Feasto
₹2,962.40 ₹2,530.00

2 Slice cool touch and auto bread centering , Bigger 32mm bread slot , High-lift knob for small bread in this Popup Toaster.Illuminated defrost, cancel buttons also in this......

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Havells Grill Toaster 2 Slice Toastino
₹2,502.40 ₹3,128.00

A bite of your favourite grill sandwich can make your day. Give yourself this pleasure, every day if you want, with the Havells Toastino sandwich grill. This grill has a 700 W power consumption. Its cool touch handle makes sure you do not hurt yourself when it's in operation or hot. The easy hinged lock ensures safe operation......

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Havells Popup Toaster 2 Slice Crisp
₹2,277.00 ₹2,277.00

Electronic Variable Browning Control,Illuminated defrost and cancel buttons, Crumb tray, Bigger 32 mm bread slot, 7 Heat Setting with Electronic Variable Browning, Cord Winder, 2 Slice cool touch, Auto bread centering, Hi-Lift knob for removing small bread.....

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Havells Sandwitch Toaster 2 Slice Toastio
₹2,116.00 ₹2,645.00

The Teflon grill plates provide a non-stick surface which make it easy to grill a sandwich. The surface can easily be cleaned after use. Grill up to two slices of bread on this appliance. This grill maker also features a lid lock. Now you can prepare a quick snack when you are back home after a tiring day with the least effort. Grilling a sandwich requires less oil, making your snack a relatively healthy one......

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PHILIPS Black Pannini Maker 700W HD2389
₹2,228.70 ₹2,622.00

With this Philips sandwich maker, you can now switch to not only a healthy life but also to a delicious one. Considering the importance of a healthy breakfast, this product is essential for all the households who lead a hectic and busy lifestyle. .....

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PHILIPS Black Pannini Maker 850W HD2394
₹2,228.70 ₹2,622.00

Perfectly toasted sandwiches and snacks anytime with this hi-temperature, hi-power sandwichmaker with versatile panini plates. Easiest to use with easy lock system and easiest to store with vertical compact storage option......

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PHILIPS Black Popup Toaster 2 Slice HD4825
₹2,346.00 ₹2,760.00

It can defrost frozen bread and give you even toasting and variable browning control according to your preference. It also comes with functions that allow you to cancel the toasting, reheat the toast and high lift for smaller bread pieces. Easy to store, clean and maintain, this is the perfect toaster for your kitchen......

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PHILIPS White Popup Toaster 2 Slice HD-4815
₹1,368.50 ₹1,610.00

Get the most out of your toast with this compact Philips HD4815  toaster. This Philips HD4815/01 toaster has a metal design with two large bread slots. With a browning control you can have your toast your way.  It also has hand grips for convenience. You can enjoy crisp and perfectly browned bread with this appliance. .....

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PHILIPS White Popup Toaster 2 Slice HD-4823
₹1,661.75 ₹1,955.00

With this convenient feature, you can enjoy a variety of differently toasted bread in no time. Keeping small food items warm will be easy with the bun-warming grill that comes with this toaster. It gives you an option to warm your bread in case you don’t want to completely toast it......

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PHILIPS White Popup Toaster 2 Slice HD2595
₹2,052.75 ₹2,415.00

Breakfast is simply not complete without some crunchy toast. The warm smell of fresh toast brings such joy. If you want the best of it then the Philips HD2595/09 pop-up toaster is a must have. This sleek and stylish toaster is the perfect embodiment of the American idea of making toast. It is extremely easy to use and handle that even kids can use it without hurting themselves......